1,290 Complaints Related to Auto Sector Received by EDB

The new Auto Industry Development and Export Policy (AIDEP 2021-26) was announced in December 2021 with several clauses aiming to bolster the development of Pakistani automotive industry. Special attention is said to have been paid towards localization of vehicles, parts, protection of consumers, and incorporation of technology and safety, such as the implementation of WP29 safety standards.

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However the most significant aspect was the formulation of Auto Sector Monitoring Committee which will be responsible for the following actions:

  • Addressing consumer grievances, including delayed deliveries and ‘On Money’
  • Safeguarding consumers on quality issues
  • Implementation of WP-29 safety regulations
  • Monitor minimum initial payment which must not exceed 20% of the price
  • In case of non-compliance with policy, the committee will have the right to stop the incentives granted to the company

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Now according to information received by CarSpiritPK, the Engineering Development Board (EDB) has received more than 1,290 complaints related to the local auto sector. The complaints are received through Prime Minister’s Citizens Portal, Ombudsman Secretariat, Ministry of Industries and Production and the EDB directly. These complaints were lodged between July 2021 and February 2022.

According to details, out of 1,290 complaints, 420 were related to late deliveries, 396 were about he unjust increase in prices, 249 complaints were related to reimbursement of penalty KIBOR +3% and 225 more complaints related to various other issues.

To address these complaints, the first meeting of the committee has been scheduled to take place on 8th March 2022. In addition to discussing complaints regarding late delivery, price increase, quality issues and reimbursement of KIBOR + 3% etc, the committee will also discuss implementation of WP29 standards as well as budget proposals for FY2022-23.

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It is indeed a positive sign that complaints made by consumers will be brought to the table. And it also renders that the use of Citizens Portal is an effective way to communicate genuine problems to the higher ups. The development should also encourage auto consumers to highlight on a mass level, the problems they face with the locally assembled vehicles. In addition the portal should be use to give valuable suggestions related to the betterment of local auto industry.

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