The Rally-Inspired Customized 2020 Honda City by RS-R Japan

The all new Honda City has started to create a lot of buzz and people have already started to fall in love with it. Various tuners and famous modification houses are now putting their efforts to spice up the new City both in terms of visual and performance enhancements.

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We earlier shared the stunning black 2020 Honda City by NKGarage, now RS-R, the famous customization house in Japan has modified the all-new Honda City into a rally car. The sedan has been customized with a flashy red and white paint scheme & RS-R decals that add to its overall rally car inspired outlook.

The modifiers have equipped the sedan with a spoiler at the front & the installed AZC Original coil-over suspension results in a lowered ride height while the rest of the profile has been left unaltered. The modifiers have revised the cabin with premium leather Recaro sports seats while the stylish bronze colored alloy wheels, covered in Toyo Proxes R888R 205/45R16 performance tires add a touch of character to its rally car profile.

The stock exhaust system has also been replaced with an aftermarket unit by RS-R while the power is offered by the standard yet punchy 1.0-liter turbo petrol unit that is good for 122 hp and 173 Nm.

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Already launched in Thailand in November 2019, the 2020 Honda City was scheduled to be introduced in India in March 2020, however the launch was postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic. The vehicle is now slated to begin reaching markets starting from India & Malaysia towards the middle of this year.

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