All-New Toyota Prius PHEV Launched in Japan

The latest generation Toyota Prius was first unveiled in November 2022 and went on sale in Japan in January 2023. At the time of launch, only the hybrid variant was made available while the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version was said to be available in March 2023.

Now Toyota has launched the new Prius PHEV in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) which is designated as Z grade. Developed under the “Hybrid Reborn” concept, Toyota says the Prius Z grade has been reborn as a high-performance version equipped with the latest plug-in hybrid system, which combines a compact, high-capacity drive battery, high-output drive motor, and high-efficiency gasoline engine.

prius phev 7

Its PHEV external power supply system enables the car to supply power in a range of scenarios from daily living to emergency situations. This includes an external power supply mode that enables the car battery to provide power during outdoor, leisure, and other activities. There is also an external emergency power supply mode that provides a larger supply of power during blackouts, disasters, and other emergencies by using the engine to generate electricity.

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According to Toyota, the new Prius PHEV achieves a high level of dynamic performance with a maximum system output of 164 kW (223 hp) of power, while offering fuel efficiency of 26.0 km/liter with 19-inch tires and 30.1 km/liter with 17-inch tires. BEV driving distance is 87 km with 19-inch tires and 105 km with 17-inch tires, with the 105 km representing an improvement of 75% compared to the previous model.

Toyota Prius PHEV Z grade

The new Prius PHEV is also equipped with Regeneration Boost, which is useful on mountain roads and in other situations that require regular switching between acceleration and braking. When set, this function provides stronger regenerative braking force than normal to deliver responsive driving performance while reducing the frequency of switching between the accelerator and brake pedals.

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The Z grade is also equipped with a second-generation solar charging system that efficiently converts solar energy into electricity. With a highly efficient solar panel installed on the vehicle roof, the battery can be charged in parking lots where there are no charging stations, or even during power cuts or other causes, as long as the sun is shining. Electric power generated from the solar panel is used to charge the drive battery while parked, with the system not only supplying electricity for driving but for air conditioning and other functions as well. The system also supplies the auxiliary battery system when driving to reduce drive battery consumption.

prius phev 5

Produced at its Tsutsumi Plant, Toyota is targeting sales of 450 units a month in Japan. The new Prius PHEV Z grade is priced at JPY 4,600,000 (USD 33,870).

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