Aion Hyper GT Electric Sedan Unveiled in China

Aion (埃安) was established in 2018 as a sub-brand under GAC New Energy. In 2020 Aion became a stand-alone brand directly under GAC (Guangzhou Automobile Corporation). Aion makes a series of affordable yet trendy electric vehicles aimed at young consumers. Their current portfolio includes 5 models: the Aion Y hatchback, the Aion S compact sedan, the Aion S Plus compact sedan, the Aion LX Plus mid-size crossover SUV, and the Aion V Plus compact crossover SUV.

In December 2022 at the Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC revealed the brand-new Aion Hyper GT as the second production model in the “Hyper” lineup following the Aion Hyper SSR supercar. At that time, GAC only uncovered the exterior of the vehicle but now the vehicle has been fully unveiled in all its glory.

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Riding on a new EV-dedicated architecture featuring clever solutions, the Aion Hyper GT is said to be “the world’s lowest wind resistance production car” thanks to an impressive world-beating drag coefficient of just 0.19 cd. The sedan also features gullwing doors and an active aero package with panels in the grille that open automatically at high speed and a rear spoiler that pops up at 80 km/h.


The interior is as impressive as the exterior, with a three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel with scroll buttons on either side. There is a slim instrument panel screen behind the steering wheel and a main touchscreen unit at the center of the dash that controls almost every interior functionality. Below this, there is a large wireless pad that can charge two smartphones simultaneously. Along with a few storage spaces, that’s the only thing on the floating central tunnel.


The drive selector is mounted on the steering wheel column, something that we have been seeing in the latest breed of Chinese cars. Overall the interior offers a refreshing and bright sense of space, creating an organic modern cabin.


According to Fan Zhang, the Vice President of the GAC R&D Center:

“The concept of ‘man-machine symbiosis aesthetics’ provides our users with a car experience in which people and natural technology coexist harmoniously, constantly merging and evolving. We emphasize the co-existence of man and machine. Based on that, we want to build a benign relationship between man and the space inside the car. It is not a tool space, but a mobile living space, so we should pay attention to its comfort, humanistic atmosphere, and beauty.”

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The Aion Hyper GT has sports-style seats, with speakers of the audio system integrated inside the headrests. According to GAC, it has thoughtfully selected eco-friendly materials for the Hyper GT. The seats are covered with Nappa eco-friendly genuine leather, which is soft and delicate to the touch while the wood used in the central control armrest is sourced from the original natural wood of the Amazon Forest. GAC says the wood used was cultivated and grown exclusively on a forest farm to preserve the natural environment. It is then processed using the world’s top open-pore interior treatment craft, presenting a high-quality matte luster and delicate touch.

Interior of Aion Hyper GT

The large-size panoramic sunroof extends over the entire roof, making for a light and airy interior, helped by the white-green color scheme of this particular car. Lighter shades in the interior are primarily aimed at Chinese car buyers who like light-colored interiors, unlike European car buyers, who mostly prefer black or dark gray shades.

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The Aion Hyper GT comes equipped with a large number of sensors including cameras, radars, LiDAR, and infrared technology. The hardware is mounted on the front bumper, roof, mirrors, and fenders, hinting at a sophisticated ADAS package.

The exterior of Aion Hyper GT

In terms of powertrain, the Hyper GT will initially come with a single electric motor mounted at the rear with an output of 340 hp and 434 Nm. This will help the Hyper GT sprint from 0-100km/h in just 4.9 seconds. In later stages, Aion will also add a dual-motor variant with about 600 hp of combined output.

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The Aion Hyper GT is expected to be priced at around 300,000 yuan (43,000 USD), but it is still unclear when it will be launched exactly. The public debut will be at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show which will open doors on the 18th of April.

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