Changan Makes Upgrading to a New Sedan Most Convenient

Master Changan Motors has announced the launch of a special customer scheme aimed at enhancing the joy of Eid for families, corporate users and customers who want to upgrade to a smart sedan. Applicable on limited stock for a limited period, customers who purchase a Changan Alsvin will now be eligible for:

  • A special rebate of PKR 120,000
  • Priority Delivery
  • Price Lock Advantage
  • Special car financing through partner banks

Amid the ongoing economic corrections, multiple automakers and auto parts manufacturers have been impacted by supply or demand side disruptions. With a strong suite of products and planning with a forward outlook, Master Changan has been able to offer priority deliveries and price lock advantage to its customers.

Alsvin PR

Changan Alsvin is available in three variants:

  • Alsvin MT Comfort      PKR 4,149,000
  • Alsvin DCT Comfort   PKR 4,699,000
  • Alsvin DCT Lumiere    PKR 4,999,000 (PKR 4,879,000 after rebate)

All prices are ex-dealership and include freight, sales tax, and CVT.

Voted as Pakistan’s most loved and most fuel-efficient sedan, Changan Alsvin has won the hearts of more than 12,000 delighted customers and commands a segment share of over 20%. With the offered promotion, Changan Alsvin has become the outright and obvious choice for customers who even think about paying over 40 lacs for a hatchback.

Alsvin is the only latest generation B-Sedan available in Pakistan and equipped with best-in-class features like an electric sunroof, heated side mirrors, faux leather interior, multi-function steering, 7” floating HMI with vehicle controls, tire pressure monitor, 15” alloy rims and a Euro5 1.5L engine. The company supports its 40,000+ customers through an expanding network of 27 3S dealers across 17 cities of the country.

With used car prices skyrocketing, the special summer promotion makes Changan Alsivn the only sensible choice. Backed by a 5-year / 150,000km warranty, spare parts availability, and a sprawling 3S network, Changan Alsvin offers customers a solid alternative to out-of-warranty and doubtful used cars. Changan is also the only new brand offering a whole range of genuine engine oil including state-of-the-art SP and SN grade fully synthetic Changan Master Genuine oil at the industry’s lowest prices.

With the continued Rupee devaluation, the average Pakistani is facing hardships in purchasing a new car. In contrast to the prices of Alsvin (4.1m to 4.9m), a typical 1.0L hatchback costs approximately 40 lac Rupees, whereas a top-tier hatchback can be as expensive as 50 lac Rupees for Pakistani consumers. On the other hand, comparable sedans cost as much as 60 lac Rupees but provide fewer features compared to outdated models from previous generations.

“Hatchback cars may pose serious risks in rear-end collisions due to just a small distance between passengers and the impact. On the other hand, rear trunks in Sedans have ample crumple zones to absorb crash impact and protect occupants in such scenarios.”, said Shabbir Uddin, Director of Marketing and Sales.

Changan Alsvin Special Summer prices will be applicable only for limited stock until July 31, 2023, across all dealers nationwide. The special offer also comes with attractive car financing packages, price lock advantage, and priority delivery for limited stock.

Master Changan Motors is a Joint Venture between China’s #1 domestic car company and Pakistan’s renowned Master Group. Attracting an investment of USD 136 million, Master Changan focuses on challenging the status quo and championing a win-win mindset for all stakeholders.

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