Denza N7- BYD’s Dual Charging Beast

Recently Chinese auto giant BYD recently celebrated achieving a significant milestone of producing 5 million NEVs (new energy vehicles). Interestingly, the commemorative 5 millionth vehicle to roll off the assembly lines was not any BYD new energy vehicle, but a Denza N7 electric SUV.

Denza is a BYD sub-brand that specializes in premium electric automobiles. Established in May 2010, it was initially a 50:50 joint venture between Mercedes and BYD. The venture was never that successful, though, and Mercedes exited the JV in December 2021, keeping only a stake of 10%. And things have picked up since BYD took over.

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The N7 emerges as the latest addition to BYD’s Denza brand which saw a reboot after the launch of the D9 luxury MPV.  The Denza N7 enters the world of high-end electric crossovers and faces fierce rivals in China including the likes of the Li Auto L7 and NIO ES6. Although the Denza N7 shares the market with heavyweight competitors, it pursues its own distinct trajectory.

Dual Charging Sets the N7 Distinct from the Competition

denza dual

The Denza N7 distinguishes itself with an innovative method of DC quick charging.  Many automakers emphasize max charge times and cost, but Denza provides a unique dual-charging technique that enables N7 to connect to two charging guns simultaneously thanks to its dual DC quick charging ports. The maximum charging capacity of the Denza N7 in single gun mode is 150kW, while the addition of a second gun increases the maximum charging capacity to 230kW. The Denza N7 can go 100 km in under four minutes and 350 km in 15 minutes when using the dual gun charging arrangement.

Battery & Range

Built on the modified BYD e-platform 3.0, all variants of the Denza N7 get a 91.3kWh LFP Blade battery pack.  According to Denza, RWD versions can travel up to 702 km, which is a great distance, while AWD variants naturally have a somewhat shorter range of 630 km. These outstanding range projections are supported by Denza’s advances in battery cooling and management, as well as the application of cell-to-body technology.

Exterior Design

Regarding the Denza N7’s exterior styling, there are mixed opinions. Despite having a sleek and sophisticated overall appearance, the N7 is neither overly appealing nor uninspiring. However, the placement of the LED DRLs, which distinguishes the front end from the typical slit DRLs and light bars and is the most contentious design aspect.

The Denza N7 electric vehicle Image credit BYD 04

Both the side profile and the back of the Denza N7 show careful design considerations. The roofline smoothly falls towards the rear pillar, and the fastback-style window shape adds dynamic appeal. The rear end features a slim full-width connected tail light setup, a common recipe for most Chinese EV makers these days.

denza n7 2

Interior Styling

The N7’s interior, which is adorned with plenty of European Poplar wood, subtle metal accents, and textured silver plastics, surrounds passengers in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This deviation from the norm adopts a more conventional and traditional approach to “premium” interior design, which is anticipated to resonate with an underserved consumer segment for EVs—the elder generation.

denza n7 08

The capacitive touch buttons that are tastefully incorporated into the wood panels show how successfully modern and traditional elements are merged in the interior design. A 17.3-inch 2K touchscreen, a 10.21-inch digital instrument panel, and a mirrored 10.25-inch passenger entertainment screen are the focal points of the cabin.

denza n7 front row interior

The spatial configuration places the cabin in an advantageous position for future right-hand-drive production. A variety of advanced elements are included in the technological improvements, such as 5G connectivity, dual 50W wireless chargers, a large HUD (Head-Up Display), a scent system, and a 16-speaker Devialet spatial audio system.

denza n7 rear shot interior panaromic roof

Overall, the interior offers plenty of headroom, foot room, and legroom. The back seats include two heating settings and three different recline configurations. However, when the seats are reclined, the atmosphere transforms into a cozy haven, which is further accentuated by the abundance of natural light coming through the panoramic roof, which has an electronic sunshade.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

In terms of both software and hardware, the Denza N7 marks a crucial turning point in BYD’s development of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). In addition to lidar, an updated ADAS Chip—Nvidia Orin-X—and optional bumper-mounted lidar units are offered as well. Both City and Highway NOA (Navigation on Autopilot) are currently available as options for the Denza N7. However by the end of 2023, Highway NOA is anticipated to be implemented as standard, and City NOA is anticipated to follow from next year.

n7 denza

Power and Drive

The Denza N7 comes with a choice of two powertrain options. The RWD single motor version produces 360Nm of torque and 230kW (308 hp) of horsepower, which translates to a quick acceleration time of 6.8 seconds to reach 100 km per hour. On the other hand, with 390kW (523 hp) and an astounding 670Nm of torque, the AWD dual motor version offers improved performance, helping the N7 sprint from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 3.9 seconds. While the AWD variant accelerates much more quickly, the torque delivery differs from the linear pattern seen in some other EVs, making the acceleration curve more comfortable.

denza n7 specs feature price 21

The Denza N7 debuts a cutting-edge suspension system, most notably the revolutionary “Di-Sus” air suspension, which uses a double-wishbone front suspension and a 5-link independent suspension at the rear. In China, air suspension is almost a must for vehicles in this price range. Despite navigating ostensibly smooth road conditions that may carry minor vibrations into the interior, the mechanism effectively cushions the impact of severe, abrupt bumps.

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Interestingly, Denza offers a drift mode with the N7 SUV—an unusual feature that meshes with Denza’s efforts to give the N7 a “sporty” persona. While classifying the Denza N7 as a sports car will be a stretch for sure, it remains a comfortable and nimble long-distance cruiser.

denza n7 dual charging port

In its niche, the Denza N7 faces significant challenges in the intensely competitive Chinese market. However, Denza’s success with the D9 MPV, which has won praise in the market, is a testament to the company’s ability to build an enthusiastic base of consumers. BYD’s Denza N7, which stands out for its conventional premium style, has a lot of potential, especially for a growing elder market looking for a balance between familiarity and sophistication.

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