Tata Motors Achieves Landmark Milestone of 1 Lac EV Sales

Tata Motors has announced that it has achieved a significant milestone of selling over 100,000 electric vehicles (EVs). This accomplishment comes 5 years after the Nexon EV, their first electric vehicle, went on sale in 2020. Impressively, Tata sold 50,000 EVs in the past 9 months alone.

1 Lakh Tata EV Celebration profile shot

The Nexon EV has emerged as Tata’s best-selling EV during this journey. It should be noted that Tata Motors is the only automaker in India that produces electric cars in a variety of body types, including SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. They have a significant 80% share of the market thanks to their supremacy in the EV sector.

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According to information released by Tata Motors, its fleet of electric cars which includes well-known models like the Nexon EV, Tigor EV, and Tiago EV—has together covered around 1 billion km. As per individual sales data, the Nexon EV has sold more than 50,000 units, while the Tiago EV has reached the significant milestone of 20,000 sales. Additionally, to meet commercial and business purposes, Tata Motors offers the X-Pres T EV, which is based on the Tigor EV.

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Tata Motors is creating a new range of electric vehicles, including SUVs based on current models like the Punch, Harrier, and top Safari, in order to keep growing its EV portfolio. The recent unveiling of the Harrier EV concept is a testament to this effort. Additionally, Tata has also unveiled concepts including the Sierra EV, Curvv EV, and Avinya EV.

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The company has committed to making a sizeable $2 billion investment in EV development over the next five years to support these ambitious goals. Additionally, it wants to boost domestic production, with a goal of 85% localization of EV parts by 2025, which would result in a 15% decrease in the price of EV components.

tata chairman n chandrasekaran

It’s interesting to note that Tata does not intend to produce any hybrid vehicles, preferring to maintain its focus on a combination of ICE-powered and all-electric vehicles. Natarajan Chandrasekaran, the chairman of Tata Motors, revealed this information during the annual meeting of shareholders. The internal combustion engine won’t disappear anytime soon, according to Chandrasekaran, but they don’t have any plans to electrify it:

“Currently, we don’t have any plans for hybrids. We are focused on EVs, commercial vehicles, and heavy trucks – we will have hydrogen trucks”.

By the beginning of next year, the Indian automaker confirmed that it will introduce at least 4 electric SUVs. Tata intends for electric vehicles to account for 25% of its Indian sales by 2026 and 50% of its vehicle portfolio by 2030. However, Chandrasekaran believes that ICE, including petrol, diesel, and CNG variants, would continue to have a significant presence in India by the end of the decade.

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According to data, 3,792,356 cars were sold in India during the calendar year 2022 registering a 23% year-on-year growth. Chandrasekaran anticipates that towards the end of this decade, close to 10 million new cars would be sold in India annually and hopes that Tata will be able to further grow its market share.

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