DLG Reviews: The JAC X200 Loader

The JAC X200 is a Daala which means it comes with an engine and a loading deck with room to put many things such as an elephant. It has a 2.8L Diesel Engine with a manly voice. And it’s sold by Ghandhara Nissan but it’s made by JAC. So it’s the JAC-Gandhara X200…we think. This truck was brought to Pakistan to fill the hole in our hearts that the deceased (discontinued) Hyundai Shehzore left behind. So let us start with this, it has a jackknife key! It’s something most cars here don’t have, let alone daalas. 

Alright like always, starting with the engine, it’s a 2800cc diesel engine that churns out a peak output of 78 hp (which is… meh) at 3600 rpm and 174 nm of torque at an impressively low 2100-2300 rpms it’s the same as Isuzu’s NHR. For the sake of a comparison, the Suzuki Mega Carry Extra produces more power but less torque which means it is not capable of transporting the same amount of weight. The Mega Carry will have a higher top speed, but realistically, with that you won’t win any races either.

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Yes, most daalas are around to just get the job done. But this one has a little more to it: comfort. Now I’m not saying that the driver’s seat is identical to a Mercedes S600 but hear me out, it’s as comfy as a saloon car’s seat. What makes us say that you ask? That would be the double wishbone suspension in the front. It does compromise on the payload capacity (1150kg) because the Isuzu NHR’s payload capacity is 1850kg owing to the front leaf springs. So it’s either comfort or more payload so it’s pretty much your choice…. And on the completely other end of the spectrum, there’s the Suzuki Mega Carry Extra which completely disregards driver comfort and has a load capacity of 750kg, so far the worst in its class.

Moving on, this daala, like other daalas lacks airbags and especially ABS (it does wonders it’s a necessity ok?) we would have really liked it if they had given at least abs even as an option. Apart from that it has electronically adjustable headlamps which is pretty cool because the angle of the light beam changes as you load up the vehicle. The engine pre-heat is there too, which is necessary for diesel engines. And a radio that actually looks pretty neat with USB. And lastly the speedometer is something of an item. I’ve never seen such a sophisticated speedometer in a commercial vehicle.

The review unit we got was a brand new unit so we can’t say much about the reliability but what we do know is that they give 100,000 km or 2 years of warranty. Also from the looks of it, it looks very promising. The built quality was better than most of our sedans *cough* civic *cough*. The interior was overall well made and the fabric seats and lots of cabin space all add up to a nice driving experience. The seats were adjustable which is nice for a sasquatch like Abdullah and there was some room behind the seats for light luggage. The sound of the door opening and closing and feel of the plastics do make me believe that it could last as much as the good old Shehzore.

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The new Shehzore was launched recently and we’re yet to check it out but do keep it in mind it’s no longer Hyundai Shehzore, now the engine is from Daehan and the cabin’s from Sojen. We have heard about the legacy that was our old Hyundai Shehzore and how comfortable and durable it was and the name too had a certain feel of apnaaiyat to it. The JAC X200 looks like it’s able to fill the vacuum that Shehzore created. Now it’s for our consumer to decide that which one they prefer.

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