Everything Wrong with the Suzuki Mega Carry “Extra”

In the age of electric, self driving, autonomous semi trucks, Pak Suzuki has gone in completely the opposite direction and introduced what is essentially a shoe-box with 4 wheels and half its roof cut off. Not that it’s the first time though.

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Pak Suzuki launched the WagonR with a whole plethora of missing features, including but not limited to, rear electric windows. They’re still making the Mehran to which they added an immobilizer to ‘modernize’ it… because that was all that’s wrong with the car.

It is now nearing the end of 2017 and Pak Suzuki, in true Suzuki Pakistan-esque fashion, is launching the not all revolutionary or inspiring Mega Carry; something we couldn’t be less excited for. The Hyundai Shehzore like vehicle called the Suzuki Mega Carry is the most feature stripped Suzuki ever…. till now. And the irony of calling it “Extra”.

Yes your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the interior actually is that pitifully boring. There’s nothing on the dashboard, literally, nothing, nada. Not even vents let alone an audio player. And you get all of this nothingness for (only, yea right) PKR 14.99 lac. Well surprisingly, it at least comes with an engine, a transmission and a gearbox and a pair of seats too.

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The engine is a 1.5L G15A engine giving 92 horsepower at 6000rpm and 126 NM torque at 3000rpm which isn’t much at all considering one of it’s competitors: the recently departed (discontinued) Hyundai Shehzore came with a 2.6L diesel engine (and brakes that wanted to kill you because they never worked) while the JAC XC200 comes with a 2.8L Diesel engine looks more promising at price tag of PKR 14.5 lac and that too with an audio player, air vents, a heater and a remote control key.

The JAC XC200 (pictured above) offers much more in the same amount of money.

So there you have it, just when you thought they couldn’t strip off any more features, Suzuki surprised us again! In the wise words of… someone, “You can buy a turd or you can buy a gold plated turd but a turd is still something that dropped out of someones butt.”

 This article is a joint effort of M Abdullah and Ahmad Zaheer of DemLahoriGuys.

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