GAC Aion S Max Sedan Launched in China

GAC has launched the new Aion S Max electric sedan in China. Bear in mind that Aion is a NEV (New Energy Vehicle) brand under the GAC New Energy umbrella.

This Aion S Max sedan sits on the Aion Plus architecture but with increased body length and revised styling. The GAC Aion S sedan was first introduced in the Chinese market in 2019 as the brand’s second model. GAC regularly kept updating this model. In 2021, the Aion S Plus sedan entered the Chinese market.

GAC Aion S and Aion S Plus

Both Aion S and S Plus models were sold simultaneously in China. The cumulative sales of the Aion S series sedans reached 182,230 units in 2023. Now, the new Aion S Max sedan has been launched as a replacement for the Aion S Plus.

aion smax 8

The new Aion S Max sedan can be called a heavily facelifted version of the S Plus. Its front end is adorned with split headlights with quad LED light bars. It also has a smaller air intake in the front bumper with diagonal slashes. The side profile features flush door handles and intricately designed alloys, while the rear end of the Aion S Max gets a thin full-width LED strip that goes through the trunk door.

aion smax 7

In terms of dimensions, the Aion S Max sedan measures 4,863/1,890/1,515 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,760 mm. For the sake of comparison, the 11th-gen Toyota Corolla we have here is 4,620 mm long with a 2,700 mm wheelbase.

aion smax 2

Inside, the Aion S Max has a reworked center console with smaller air vents. The center tunnel has two wireless charging pads and a covered storage compartment. Like most new Chinese EVs, the drive selector resides behind the steering wheel. The interior comes in various color themes depending on the trim and is enhanced with ambient mood lighting.

Aion S Max interior

Speaking of the interior space, the front seats of the S Max can be folded, transforming into a bed. According to GAC, the legroom is a generous 960 mm, and the headroom is 965 mm. Other interior features of the S Max include heated and ventilated front seats, a Face-ID sensor, a panoramic roof, and 11 speakers.

aion smax 12

Aion S Max is available in 5 trim levels. The first four variants have a 204-hp electric motor mounted on the front axle. The sedan can reach 100 km/h speed in just 7.5 seconds. The flagship Aion S Max variant gets an even more powerful 245-hp electric motor. Its 0-100 km/h acceleration time is only 6.8 seconds.

aion smax 5

As for the battery, there are two options. The first is LFP for 59.5 kWh and 510 km WLTC range. The second one is ternary (NMC) for 69.7 kWh and 610 km WLTC range. It also comes vehicle with a V2L function that can power other appliances from the vehicle battery.

aion smax 11

The new GAC Aion S Max is priced from 149,900 yuan ($20,500) for the base variant and goes as high as 202,900 yuan ($27,730) for the flagship version.

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