Guinness World Record for Toyota Mirai

Japanese automaker Toyota and South Korean Hyundai are the two automakers working extensively on hydrogen as an alternative to conventional gasoline fuel. And since last couple of years both automakers are busy setting up records surpassing each other for the highest travel range without refueling.

The tussle between Hyundai Nexo FCV (fuel cell vehicle) and Toyota Mirai FCV doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. However this time, Toyota has got a big leap setting the longest distance travel record of 1,360km in a single filling during a round-trip tour of Southern California. With this Toyota has beaten its own record of 1,003 km which it set in France in June this year, battering Hyundai Nexo’s record of 887.5 km.

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The official record attempt was closely monitored by Guinness World Records, with officials present to ensure the strict rules were adhered to and all documentation procedures were done properly. Michael Empric, a Guinness World Records adjudicator, validated the Mirai’s tank with a seal at both the beginning and end of the journey which lasted for two days– the 23rd and 24th August 2021.

Toyota Mirai setting the Guinness World Record

Toyota Mirai was driven by professional hypermiler Wayne Gerdes, who was joined by co-pilot Bob Winger, with both beginning the journey from the Toyota Technical Center (TTC) in Gardena, California after a 5-minute complete fill of hydrogen. The duo would then travel south to to San Ysidro and then north to Santa Barbara cruising through Santa Monica and Malibu beach along the Pacific Coast Highway. By the end of the first day, after two driver swaps and returning to TTC in the evening, the Mirai covered 761 km.

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The second day involved more driving loops, adding 599 km by driving through morning and afternoon rush hour traffic on the San Diego Freeway between Los Angeles and Orange County, before the car eventually ran out of hydrogen and coasted into TTC. Commenting on this, Michael Empric said:

“As a Guinness World Records adjudicator for 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to witness incredible attempts, including several distance-related feats. The Toyota Mirai’s journey without the need to refuel showcases the power of fuel cell electric technology. This technology and the design ingenuity by the team at Toyota led to a history-making moment.”

As per the figures, the Mirai by the end of the trip consumed a total of 5.65 kg of hydrogen and didn’t need to stop for a refuel at any of the 12 hydrogen stations along the drive routes. Toyota adds that the car was mainly driven during rush hour traffic in temperatures between 18-28 degrees Celsius. It also emitted zero CO2 (water was the only emission), whereas a standard internal combustion engine vehicle would have emitted about 301 kg of CO2 over the same distance.

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