Honda Civic Quality Control Exposed Yet Again

Honda Atlas launched the new 11th generation Civic in Pakistan in March 2022 against a price tag starting from over PKR 5 million with the flagship RS variant going well above PKR 6.1 million. Later in March, within just days after launch the price of Civic was increased by Rs 350,000 then again in May the price was revised by Rs 150,000.

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With this increase the price of base Honda Civic reached PKR 55.49 lac, the Oriel variant reached PKR 57.99 lac while the top-spec RS variant became available for PKR 66.49 lac. With a price this high, and the vehicle being marketed as a premium offering, one expects the company to deliver the vehicle with stringent quality control. However just like the launch of Civic X in 2016 which suffered from poor quality control, the 11th generation Civic is no exception.

Questionable build quality of Honda Civic X when launched in 2016

Social media was flooded with posts related to poor quality control of Civic X and the same has been happening with the new 11th gen Civic. Perhaps not as much as the Civic X but still someone paying over PKR 6.5 million rupees for this car will sure be frustrated and agitated to see lousy quality control examples like these.

2022 Honda Civic quality control in Pakistan

The above video emerged from Multan where the owner can be heard complaining about his brand new Civic which has 3 of its door panels in black color but for whatever reasons the rear left door has been installed with a beige one. Funnily enough the car went passed the QC checks, left the factory, reached the dealerships and even the owner doesn’t seem to have noticed it while getting the delivery. Or perhaps the door panel was installed by the dealers themselves, about which men and Honda had not idea at all.. whatever the case its a big question mark on the quality of a car with such a hefty price tag.

2022 Honda Civic quality control in Pakistan

Earlier, another video of 11th gen Civic had surfaced where the bonnet of a display unit was making hilariously squealing noises. However the blunder shown in the first video is truly one of its kind. The waiting time for Honda Civic is currently beyond 11 months, but looking at the quality standards, people will perhaps hope that they continue to operate on single shift basis, because things might get even worse if Honda begins operating in multiple shifts.

civic RS 2

What is your take on Honda’s quality control standards in Pakistan, share your opinion in the comments section below.

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