Guide: How to Take Care of Your Parked Car

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are experiencing major lockdowns across the country. Movements are restricted and most of us are engaged with work-from-home routines. We are already in the second week of the lockdown, which is expected to continue for another couple of weeks or maybe even extended further depending on the COVID-19 situation.

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In these circumstances, our vehicles are remain parked for a prolong period of time which can bring its own set of problems. Well, cars are not designed to sit idle for that long and leaving them unused can cause you troubles when you begin using them again. Let us have a look at how you can take care of your parked car, in order to avoid any unwanted problems.

Park Indoors or Use a Car Cover

It’s best not to let your car exposed to direct sunlight & dust. If you have a safe space such as a garage or under a shade outside your house, prefer parking it there else cover it with a car cover when parked out in the open. Avoid using the cover indoors as this will ensure any moisture that is left inside will evaporates faster, especially in humid weather.

Beware of Bird Droppings

Never let your car remain parked under a tree where birds usually nest. Bird droppings can be very harmful to car paint and will damage your vehicle’s exterior in a longer run. To understand more about the bird droppings and their damages, click here.

Take Care of Battery

Newer cars or those with new batteries installed might not face an issue but cars with older batteries can create starting problems if not used for a while. So it’s better to start the car and let the engine idle for a few minutes, do this once or every alternate day depending on how weak the battery is. Maintain fluid levels & grease the terminals and the wire ends to prevent from erosion. Read here to know how you should maintain your car’s battery.

Drive it Around or Re-Park it in a Different Position

This is done to get the tires moving, so that they don’t stay in the same position and begin to wear or bulge. Again new tires won’t create much of an issue but older tires will. If you don’t move the vehicle, you will probably have a flat tire sooner or later. Re-parking in different position is necessary if your vehicle is parked on an inclined or uneven surface.

Drive it on Some Short Distances

As mentioned above, it would be better to do this once or twice in a week, but it is essential to do it. When you drive the vehicle, you are letting the engine heat up and burn off some of the perilous condensation that could be forming inside it. By driving in short distances, you are also keeping engine parts lubricated with oil.

Be Extra Cautious

Lastly, with limited or no movements around the streets and especially when its dark, batteries and stuff like side mirrors or even the interior items such multimedia console etc are prone to get stolen. Never leave your valuables inside the car; a burglar alarm is always useful in these cases. Try installing additional steering lock, which will add a level of safety to prevent any unwanted instance. Arrange proper illumination around the vehicle during night hours so that it remains safe.

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