Karachi Gets its First Road Made with Recycled Plastic

Shell has made a substantial contribution to the reduction of plastic waste and the promotion of environmentally beneficial practices by constructing a plastic-infused road in Karachi, the very first in the mega city.

The renowned petroleum firm announced a partnership with the startup BRR Enterprises and the local authority District Municipal Corporation (DMC) South, to build an innovative road made of recycled Shell oil bottles.

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shell pakistan plastic road karachi
Road crated with abandoned Shell lubricant bottles

According to information, over 2.5 tonnes of abandoned Shell lubricant bottles were successfully recycled to build a 730-foot-long, 60-foot-wide road adjacent to the Shell House in Karachi. The company substantially decreased plastic waste while contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscientious solution by embedding these plastic bottles into the asphalt road utilizing the dry process method.

Because of its non-biodegradability and poisonous nature, plastic trash has long been a major source of concern. According to studies, a basic plastic bag can take up to 500 years to degrade, whilst a plastic bottle can endure for about 300 years. Recognizing this concern, Shell Pakistan’s program strives to solve the problem of plastic waste and its environmental impact.

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Comparing plastic roads to traditional ones reveals various benefits. They are renowned for having greater flexibility, greater durability, and a lifespan that is almost three times longer than that of normal roads. Additionally, the materials used to build conventional roads are frequently more expensive, whereas plastics may be acquired for a relatively low price, greatly lowering construction costs. The idea addresses the urgent social issue of plastic waste while also offering a sustainable solution.

Shell road

The freshly constructed road in Karachi was inaugurated by Waqar Siddiqui, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Shell Pakistan Limited, who also expressed his enthusiasm for the undertaking. He said:

“This is the first time we have used our discarded lubricant bottles to make a road, and I’m amazed to see the result. This innovative method helps reduce plastic waste and can provide an environmentally friendly option for future infrastructure projects in Pakistan. Innovative solutions such as this need to be tried and tested, and I hope will be adopted to contribute to building a cleaner society.”

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