Pakistan’s First Plastic Road Inaugurated

Pakistan has inaugurated its first-ever road made from plastic waste. In one of its kind initiatives in the country, Coca-Cola Pakistan in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and National Incubation Center (NIC), constructed the first re-carpeted road using recycled plastic waste. The re-carpeting of the road using plastic waste is part of the ‘World Without Plastic’ program and was inaugurated by the Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

The 1 km plastic road constructed near Ataturk Avenue, Islamabad, has helped recycle almost 10 tonnes of plastic waste. The total cost of the project is Rs 21 million. The plastic road is said to be twice as durable as a normal road and also acts as a scalable solution to the grave concerns rising around plastic-induced hazards.


plastic road 2

At the inauguration event, the VP for Coca-Cola Pakistan and Afghanistan Fahad Ashraf said that the road belongs to all Pakistanis, and all the people who care about progress. He praised PM Imran Khan by saying:

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has given us the vision to find solutions that serve the common man. I’m happy to say that this road is part of the prime minister’s vision because it provides jobs, saves the government repairs cost and above all, protects our

Pakistan has the highest percentage of mismanaged plastic in South Asia. Around 55 billion plastic bags are produced in the country every year, most of them destined for garbage dumps, landfill sites, or municipal sewers. Around 30 million tons of solid waste is produced each year, out of which 9% are plastics. The result is increasing plastic pollution in the country which has a negative effect on human health and marine life, upsetting food chains and causing air, water and land to pollute.

plastic road 3

According to Amer Ali Ahmed, the Chairman of Capital Development Authority:

“This plastic road project will set the stage for the future of innovation. What is particularly exciting is how this opens us up to the possibility of now making this a reality across the nation.”

Plastic roads demonstrate characteristics superior to regular asphalt concrete roads and show better wear resistance. The implementation of plastics in roads also opens a new option for recycling post-consumer plastics. At the event, Parvez Abbasi representing the NIC said:

“We now must ensure all partners who are for a better planet step in and support this public-private partnership by doing their part.”

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