Lancia Teases New Concept Ahead of April Debut

Lancia’s preparations for the new era continue with the “Emozione Pu+Ra” event on April 15th. The event will also feature the unveiling of a new concept automobile.

The yet unnamed concept will serve more as a declaration of Lancia’s next design philosophy. The only teaser image shows the back of a low-slung car with stylistic cues from the legendary Lancia HF Stratos.

Lancia Emozione PuRa main 1024x576 1

The teaser image doesn’t disclose much, but we can still see the ring-style spherical LED taillights positioned beneath a black spoiler, the back deck that looks like the vented engine cover of the Stratos, and the distinctive rear bumper. The exterior of the car features exterior elements in a light blueish tone with black lettering. The idea should also have a zero-emission powertrain and Lancia’s LED “calice” grille at the front.

Lancia future plan 2s

Lancia has already confirmed the arrival of three production models: the next-generation Ypsilon supermini in 2024, the Aurelia crossover in 2026, and the Delta hatchback in 2028. All of them will be available in EV flavor based on Stellantis underpinnings, with the Ypsilon being the only one available in the mild-hybrid form. The original Stratos, along with other Lancia classics such as the Aurelia, Flaminia, Fulvia, Beta HPE, Gamma, Delta, and 037, served as inspiration for future models.

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Lancia was considered a legendary Italian car brand that has 10 World Rally Championships under its belt, more than any other automaker. However, the financially troubled Lancia has been reduced to a shell of its former self as the company only builds a single model called Ypsilon, a below-average rather boring hatchback that is sold only in Italy. Thanks to the merger between FCA and PSA Groupe to form Stellantis, Lancia may finally return to its former glory.

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