Maruti Suzuki Reveals Wagon R Flex-Fuel Prototype

Maruti Suzuki displayed its Wagon R flex-fuel prototype at the SIAM Ethanol Technology Exhibition in Delhi. The flex-fuel hatchback will be developed in India with assistance from Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) of Japan.

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The Wagon R flex-fuel prototype can run on any ethanol-petrol blend between 20% (E20) and 85% (E85). For reference, the latter fuel contains 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol and will be significantly cheaper than regular petrol. This comes after Toyota recently revealed its flex-fuel 12th gen Corolla in India as the Indian government is pushing automakers to switch to cleaner fuels.

Wagon R’s powertrain will experience minor modifications in order to accommodate and run effectively with this blended fuel. Furthermore, technology such as ethanol sensors to measure its percentage and heated fuel rails for cold start assistance have been introduced too. It also receives an upgraded engine management system, a more robust fuel pump and injectors, and other mechanical components to improve engine endurance. This powertrain also meets the upcoming and more stringent BS6 Phase-II regulations.

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Maruti intends to make its entire lineup E20 compliant by March 2023. With the addition of this fuel type, the company will now provide its buyers with petrol, CNG, Ethanol-powered, mild-hybrid, and strong-hybrid powertrain options. This is despite the fact that other manufacturers are focusing more on battery-electric vehicles.

Speaking on the occasion, Hisashi Takeuchi, Managing Director & CEO, Maruti Suzuki India said:

“Maruti Suzuki has consistently aligned itself to the national objectives of reducing the country’s oil import burden and improving the environment. Designed and developed locally in India with support from SMC, Japan, the Wagon R Flex Fuel prototype vehicle emboldens the Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ efforts. Notably, our research shows that an ethanol fuel-based Wagon R Flex Fuel prototype vehicle operating on E85 fuel will help reduce tailpipe GHG emissions by 79% in comparison to a conventional gasoline Wagon R model while ensuring the same power performance.”

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