Mazda 3 Could be Succeeded by a Compact Electric Sedan

Like any other Japanese automaker, Mazda lags behind the others when it comes to the electrification of its vehicles and is yet to officially announce the introduction of a new electric vehicle in its lineup.

Currently, Mazda only sells the MX-30 as a full EV and has recently added the CX-60, as its first-ever plug-in hybrid. However, according to a recent report, Mazda is working on a new compact electric sedan that’s about the size of its Mazda 3.

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Patents tell us that Mazda has submitted technical drawings showing what is clearly a small sedan that runs on electrons. This may not be immediately apparent from the patent images, because the floor looks too thin to house an EV battery pack. Interestingly, the battery pack this thin in another production EV is yet to be seen. Apparently the patent filing says that it is a conventional lithium-ion battery pack, although the source also mentions that it could be a solid state pack, which could be one explanation for the pack’s unusually low height.

Patent drawings showing a new Mazda EV

There is a chance this may even be a direct (electric) replacement for the Mazda 3, one that is due closer to the end of the decade. It is pertinent to mention that filing this patent doesn’t necessarily mean Mazda will actually build this vehicle. Automakers usually do this practice and not everything they patent or trademark, actually ends up being used in production vehicles.

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However, given that Mazda is falling behind other automakers which are offering more EVs, a vehicle like this small electric sedan would probably make a lot of sense for the company to launch in the near future.

The current gen Mazda3

Realizing it has fallen behind as EV leaders like Tesla and BYD continue breaking sales records, Mazda announced in November a $10.6 billion investment to jump-start its EV program and achieve between a 25% to 40% EV sales ratio by the end of the decade.

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