Mazda Patents new Rotary-Engined RWD Sports Car

Japanese automaker Mazda has filed a series of patent images for a new, electrically assisted rotary engine, adding a little more credence to the rumor that it will soon revive its RX-badged, rotary-powered sports car lineage.

The last rotary-powered sports car from Mazda was the RX-8 which was discontinued back in 2012, however the company has since teased the powertrain’s return with the RX-Vision concept. The rotary engine will also make a return later this year as a range-extender in certain versions of the MX-30 electric SUV.

mazda vision

The latest patent drawings show a new three-rotor wankel engine, meaning the engine has one rotor more than the old RX-8’s powertrain. And coupled with Mazda’s new hybrid system, should provide a healthy boost in power over the 237hp of previous RX models.

mazda patent

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Although Mazda is yet to release any technical details about the car, the new rotary-engined rear wheel drive sports car is expected to ride on company’s upcoming Large Architecture, which is being designed to suit Mazda’s new range of 6-cylinder hybrid powertrains.

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