MG4 Becomes Cheapest Electric Car in Australia

A new entry-level MG4 model is on the way, making it Australia’s new cheapest electric vehicle. The MG4 Excite 51, which is named for its 51kWh battery has a starting price of just $38,990 before on-road costs.

As a result, the competition to be the manufacturer of the most affordable electric vehicle in Australia has just gotten a little spicier. This is because another Chinese automaker, BYD, is set to reveal pricing for its Dolphin EV this week. According to BYD’s local importer, the Dolphin will be “Australia’s most affordable, high-quality electric vehicle of all time.”

mg4 outdoor roof shot

The 48kWh GWM Ora Standard Range, which costs $44,490 drive-away, and the marginally more expensive MG ZS Excite EV, which costs $44,990 drive-away, are currently the two least expensive electric vehicles on the market in Australia.

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The MG4 Excite 51’s specifications are likely to be the same as those in the UK, where the 51kWh battery version is available with a 125kW electric motor output (down from the other model’s 150kW) and the same 250Nm of torque. The 350 km driving range is around 100 km less than that of the 64 kWh version.

MG4 charge

Riding on MG’s new Modular Scalable Platform, the MG4 in Australia comes with a 7-year/unlimited kilometer warranty. The range is priced as:

Excite 51kWh$38,990
Excite 64kWh$44,990
Essence 64kWh$47,990
Essence 77kWh$55,990
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