New Lancia Ypsilon Spotted in a Most Freaky Way

Last month on Lancia’s 117th anniversary, Stellantis uncovered the Renaissance of the Lancia brand that begins with the first teaser image of the Lancia Ypsilon. Being resurrected as an all-electric vehicle, the Ypsilon starting with a limited edition Edizione Limitata Cassina is set to be formally revealed in Milan in February 2024.

Although the car was fully covered in the teasers, who would have thought it would be spotted undisguised in the most unusual of ways? On Tuesday morning, December 12, firefighters were called to a call-out on rue du Port, Montbéliard, France where a car was seen half-submerged in water. It was none other than the Lancia Ypsilon.

coffre lancia ypsilon 1024x683

How it ended up in the waters remains unknown but the crash took place not far from the Stellantis factory in Sochaux. The unlikely scene was captured by photographer Lionel Vadam for the Est Republicain newspaper, who had no idea that the car that had risen from the water was no ordinary car but a soon-to-be debuting model.

lancia ypsilon nouvlle 1024x683

This model features the Lancia logo on the trunk, the rear door handles integrated into the pillars, the Lancia logo on the side, and round taillights like the Pu+ra HPE concept.

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This is probably the first time that photos of an all-new car have been leaked in this way. But who knows if it’s a marketing ploy, well too early to say anything. The local traffic authorities are investigating the incident though.

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