Nur-E 75: Pakistan’s First EV Prototype Unveiled

Pakistan’s first electric vehicle (EV) prototype was unveiled on the 75th Independence Day at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi.

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The hatchback, labelled the country’s first indigenous electric vehicle, has been designed and developed by DICE Foundation, a US-based non-profit organization run by expatriate Pakistanis in the US & EU, etc along with support from local universities and private sector.

The booking for the electric hatchback called NUR-E 75 will be opened to the public by late 2024. With a 35kWh battery, the car will be able to cover a distance of 210km in a single charge and can run at a speed of 120 km/h. Full charging requires 8 hours via a 220V connection. The battery pack was developed at the NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi.

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All the components of the car have been developed in Pakistan, and the design has been created by the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore. The chargers for these electric vehicles are being developed by the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology Karachi. Work is also going on the development of faster chargers to reduce charging time. NUR-E 75 is also likely to be exported.

Chariman of Dice Foundation Dr Khurshid Qureshi described the “Made in Pakistan” car as a milestone for the country’s economic stability. He said that the revolution of electric vehicles is making its way in the global auto industry and Pakistan has also taken the first step in this regard. He added that this project would end all the economic challenges of the country. Dr Qureshi added that for commercial production, capital will be raised through Series A, B and C rounds of funding. He said that the car will be launched under the brand name JAXERI.

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While the first prototype is a 5-seater hatchback, the next phase includes production of a sedan and later SUVs too. Qureshi further said that mass production of NUR-E 75 will save the environment and preserve foreign exchange spent on fuel imports. He added that Pakistan will be at par with developed countries in the technology of electric cars and domestic economic stability will be easier with access to this technology. He also thanked all the partners who helped in the project, including NEDUET, DSU, NCA, TEVTA Punjab, NUST, SSUET, Amreli Steels, PSG, and Kruddson Aluminum.

The launch event was attended by eminent personalities from the engineering community, auto sector and business community. They paid tribute to the teams and Dr Qureshi for introducing Pakistan’s first electric car.

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