Pak Suzuki to Finally Say Goodbye to Ravi/ Bolan

It looks as if Pak Suzuki has finally decided to replace the old Bolan and Ravi in Pakistan which the company has been assembling for over 4 decades. Based on the 7th generation Suzuki Carry ST-90 model, the duo dates back to 1979.

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According to a report published by Samaa, the move comes as Lahore High Court has directed the Engineering Development Board (EDB), which is the regulatory agency for the auto industry, to make it mandatory for automakers to assemble cars with airbags. Technically it is not possible to fit airbags in Ravi & Bolan so the company will replace it with the Suzuki Every model, which is in fact a newer generation of Suzuki Carry.


The report says that Engineer Asim Ayaz of EDB has also confirmed that carmakers and importers have been told to adapt to the list of internationally accepted safety standards called WP-29, which includes installation of airbags, by the end of 2021. However, companies can get an 18-month waiver.

Although Pak Suzuki is yet to formally make an announcement of the discontinuation of Ravi & Bolan, at least four independent sources privy to the matter, said that the 660cc Suzuki Every is on cards to come as a replacement of the aging duo. An official of an auto part company also said that they have received orders from Pak Suzuki to manufacture parts that are supposed to be used in Every minivan. According to an official at Pak Suzuki dealership:

“Yes, we have been told that the new Every will be launched next year and Bolan will be discontinued.”

The introduction of new Suzuki Every will indeed be a breath of fresh air as Pak Suzuki will finally be moving towards modernization while saying goodbye to the old & obsolete. Still, the duo will probably hold the world record for the most prolonged period of assembling without undergoing any significant change during its lifespan whatsoever.

Source: SAMAA

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