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Production-Spec 2022 Honda Civic Leaked

Honda unveiled the prototype of 11th generation Civic sedan in November last year. And now for the first time, images of a production-spec Civic sedan have appeared on the internet giving us a hint that China might be one of the first markets to receive the next generation Honda Civic.

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Every new car to be launched in China has to drop by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to be approved before it goes on sale. Pictures are taken, and on some occasions, these are published on MIIT’s official site even before the vehicle is properly revealed.

Production model of the 11th gen Honda Civic in China

The production-spec version seems to be very much identical to the prototype revealed earlier, and looks more like a refreshed Accord than a new Civic. As before, there will be two configurations offered in Chinese market including a ‘240 Turbo’, which is used to represent the 1.5L VTEC Turbo engine that churns out 240Nm of torque.

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The front of the production model features the same headlights as the Civic Prototype seen earlier. However, what differentiates the production model from the prototype are the inclusion of fog lights and thick black shrouds on the outer edges of the bumper. Honda has also opted for a more conservative mesh design in the lower grille but these design cues are expected to be specific for Chinese-spec versions and may differ when the Civic for global markets is revealed.

Interior design sketch of the 11th gen Honda Civic

Interior images aren’t available at MIIT website while Honda too, hasn’t officially reveled the interior images yet other than a design sketch that shows a retro-inspired clean and minimalistic interior that tries to mimic the straightforward designs of earlier Civic models. Still there is a digital instrument cluster and a floating 9-inch infotainment system mounted on top of the dashboard & a new steering wheel etc.

The 11th gen Honda Civic prototype

Honda is actively testing various iterations of 11th gen Civic which in addition to sedan includes hatchback, TypeR and the Si models, camouflaged test mules of which can be seen appearing on European and American roads. The all-new Honda Civic is expected to make its official debut towards the middle of this year and will go on sale as a 2022 model car thereafter.

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