Smart #3 EV Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2023

After the brand’s first model emerged from the partnership, the smart #1, the new smart #3 EV has been formally launched at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show as the second model from the Smart Automobile. A joint venture between Geely and Mercedes-Benz, this is the first sports-utility coupé under this smart brand name.

Although prior homologation paperwork from China has stated that the #3 measures 4,440 mm long, 1,800 mm wide, and 1,600 mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,785 mm, technical specifics were not disclosed in the official statement from Smart. In comparison, the #1 measures 4,270 mm in length, 1,822 mm in width, 1,636 mm in height, and has a 2,750 mm wheelbase.

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Smart has not disclosed the #3’s powertrain specifications, but the homologation documents mentioned earlier from China indicated two power output options for the crossover coupé, including a 268 hp configuration that is identical to the smart #1 and a 154 hp version that will act as the base model.

Smart #3 at 2023 Auto Shanghai

Inside, the #3’s dashboard architecture mostly resembles that of the #1, with a few minor differences, such as three circle air vents on the center console and oval units on the sides rather than all oval units like the #1. The #3 also has a 12.8-inch floating touchscreen in the center and a 13-speaker Beats audio system. A panoramic sunroof above brings in more natural light, and an ambient lighting system with multiple colors sets the mood.

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After making its debut at Auto Shanghai 2023, the smart #3 is headed to Europe for the IAA auto show in Munich, Germany, scheduled for September of this year, ahead of its launch on the European market early in 2024. According to Smart, more information about the European-specification #3 will be made available later.

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