Suzuki Terminates Daska Motors Dealership Contract

Pak Suzuki in a public announcement, has disassociated Daska Motors (Sialkot) from its list of authorized dealerships. The termination of the contract which was notified via Suzuki’s official social handles in Pakistan, is effective from October 10, 2023. The company however did not cite the reason behind this decision.

According to the notice, the above dealership has no right to deal with & book Suzuki vehicles and cannot accept any sort of payment thereof. And the party will be solely responsible for any violations. Pak Suzuki further advises the public not to deal with the above (ex) dealership for any matter including booking or after-sales service.

Suzuki dealer

Recently, Honda terminated its contract with one of its dealerships in Rawalpindi, while it was vice versa in the case of Proton whose 4 dealerships disassociated themselves from the Malaysian automaker’s local partner (Al-Haj Automotive) due to miscommitments & failure to deliver the vehicles.

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