Nio Surpasses 30 Million Battery Swaps Mark in China

Nio has achieved a unique milestone of swapping 30 million batteries of its EVs in China. Nio replaced 10 million batteries between April and October in just 6 months after reaching the 20 million mark.

There are two ways for Nio users to charge their electric vehicles. First is the same way everyone else does, or else they can swap the depleted battery with a new one. The battery can be swapped using Nio’s third-generation switch station in roughly 3 minutes.

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Despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier objecting to the idea (of battery swapping) as impractical, Nio accomplished the 30 million battery swaps milestone in China, thanks to its 1,937 exchange stations known as PSS (Power exchange Stations).


The first reported Nio swap occurred in May 2018, when Shenzhen’s first PSS went live. Nio celebrated their 10 million battery swaps four years later, in June 2022. Nio’s 20 million battery swaps occurred 9 months later, in April 2023 followed by the 30 million mark in October, after a span of just 6 months. Nio also set a new record for battery swaps on October 5, swapping over 78 thousand batteries in a single day. By the end of the year, Nio aims to have 2,300 PSS in China.

Nio is also operating batter-swapping stations in European markets. By the end of 2025, the company says it will install over 4,000 such stations, including 1,000 or so outside China.

Nio swaps

The below video shows exactly how battery swapping is done, the whole process takes less than 3 minutes to change the depleted battery with a new one.

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