Then vs Now: Hyundai Shehzore aka Porter H100

Since reentering Pakistan in 2018 and forming a partnership with Nishat Group, Hyundai has mostly focused on introducing expensive automobiles to the market, positioning itself as a premium car brand. Apart from the Porter H100 commercial pickup, the company is yet to launch its affordable compact models which are popular in regional markets.

However in its previous stint with Dewan Group collaboration between 1999 and 2008, the company saw excellent time with affordable cars such as the Santro hatchback as well as tremendous success in the commercial hauling segment with its 3rd-generation Porter H100 pickup truck which was marketed as Hyundai Shehzore back then.

hyundai shehzore pictkup dala pictureThe 1-ton pickup was so popular that it became a household name. The move by Dewan Group to label it with a more localized moniker helped achieve that goal. Shehzore was successful due to its robust performance and was considered a formidable option in its class having won the trust of customers due to its rugged construction, and unmatched reliability.

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When Hyundai-Nishat intended to introduce the new 4th-gen Porter pickup in Pakistan in 2018, it got into a dispute with Dewan Group since the latter had already launched a Daehan pickup under the Shehzore moniker. Hyundai was not happy since it believed it had the right to use the Shehzore name but Dewan won it to use the word on its Daehan pickup which was later discontinued due to inferior quality and poor sales. Dewan eventually packed up its operations once again.

Hyundai’s 4th-gen Porter is currently the bestselling 1-ton pickup truck in the market, with its closest rival being the JAC X-200 pickup. But sales of Porter are nearly 2.5 times higher than that of X-200. Moreover in a time when the overall industry is witnessing a steep decline, sales of Hyundai Porter during the first 5 months of this fiscal year have improved by 36% to 690 units compared to 506 units sold in the same period of the previous fiscal year.

h100 porter

During the last 3 years, 4th-gen Hyundai Porter sales have been recorded at 1,187 units, 1,845 units, and 1,319 units in FY20-21, FY21-22, and FY22-23, respectively. However, you will be surprised to see the stats of the 3rd-gen Hyundai Shehzore during its reigning era.

ShehzorePorter H100

Data: PAMA (Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association)

h100 2

The sales comparison above shows that the sales of Shehzore in its era were nearly 8 times more than that of H100 Porter today. The Shehzore was not the only vehicle to record impressive sales figures during the Gen Musharraf era. Several other cars, such as the Daihatsu Cuore, Suzuki Mehran, and Honda City, also saw record-breaking sales during this time. With a booming economy and an exchange rate glued at Rs 60 to a Dollar, the market was thriving, economic activity was at its peak, the masses had strong purchasing power, and car prices were very reasonable, all contributing to a very competitive & healthy auto market. Not to mention, without an auto policy, the Musharraf era had plenty of options offered to mass-market buyers compared to the flavors restricted only to the elites today.

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Despite being discontinued a long time ago, the 3rd-gen Shehzore by Dewan-Hyundai can still be seen performing duties in great numbers. The Shehzore became a recognizable presence on Pakistani roads, particularly in the context of small businesses and logistics. The model contributed to Hyundai’s presence in the light commercial vehicle segment in the country, and it set the standards so high that despite the current-gen Porter being the bestselling pickup truck in the market, it is nowhere even close to how the Dewan-Hyundai Shehzore performed between 2004 and 2008 in terms of sales.

A few examples of 3rd-gen Hyundai Shehzore in Pakistan

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