Suzuki Refuses to Share Swift and Jimny with Toyota

A collaboration between Toyota and Suzuki has spawned many cross-badged products with slight design alterations such as Suzuki Eritga-based Toyota Rumion, Suzuki Baleno-based Toyota Glanza, Suzuki Brezza-based Toyota Urban Cruiser, Suzuki Ciaz-based Toyota Belta, Suzuki Celerio-based Toyota Vitz, and Toyota Corolla Estate-based Suzuki Swace, Toyota Rav4-based Suzuki Across, and Toyota Innova Hyrcross-based Suzuki Invicto to name a few.

These cross-badged products have already been introduced in India, Africa, and some European markets. However, as per a recent report, Suzuki has made it clear that it is unwilling to give Toyota access to two of its most important products. According to Suzuki:

“Toyota wanted to badge engineer the Jimny and Swift, but we politely declined. It’s like asking Toyota to let us badge engineer the Land Cruiser. Models that are at the heart of our brand are not meant for sharing and both companies respect that.”

A Suzuki official stated that the two models (Jimny and Swift) are integral to Suzuki’s DNA and are not for sharing as selling them with a Toyota badge could dilute their iconic status.

According to sources within Suzuki, Toyota was determined to “badge engineer” the Jimny with the intention of using it as a more reasonably priced 4×4 substitute for its more costly and larger crossovers and SUVs. Although sales of the Jimny have apparently decreased after a spike in the initial stages, Suzuki is reportedly certain that it will not share the model with Toyota in order to increase volume.

2024 suzuki swift 5

In the same vein, the Swift has been declared off-limits to the partnership. Suzuki asserts that vehicles essential to its brand identity should not be shared, even in the face of Toyota’s interest in acquiring the hatchback.

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