Turkish Police Fleet Bolstered by Confiscated Supercars

Tukey’s Minister of the Interior, Ali Yerlikaya, released a now-viral X post (formerly Twitter) featuring 23 seized vehicles as a warning to fugitives seeking refuge across the nation.

This comes after Hakan Ayik, dubbed “Australia’s most wanted man,” was recently captured by Turkish officials. Ayik is a well-known gang leader and suspected drug importer. Some seized cars, which included an Audi RS6, Bentley Continental, Porsche Taycan, and Ferrari 488, were converted into police cars to make a powerful statement. Yerlikaya presented these cars in a spectacular promotional video.

Minister Yerlikaya emphasized the accomplishments of the Istanbul Police Department’s operations against organized criminal groups in the comprehensive social media post. These operations led to the seizure of the vehicles, which were later turned over to the police after a court ruling.

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While the full list of confiscated vehicles is not disclosed, the video shows recognizable premium brands, highlighting the operation’s considerable financial impact. Hakan Ayik, an alleged drug trafficker affiliated with the Comanchero biking gang in Sydney, Australia, was apprehended after fleeing the country in 2010. Authorities apprehended 37 persons and nearly $250 million in assets during his arrest in Turkey. This high-profile case serves as a deterrence and demonstrates the authorities’ determination to repurpose unlawful riches for law enforcement purposes, emphasizing the repercussions of engaging in criminal activities.

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