Turkish President Erdogan Presents TOGG EV to Kazakh Counterpart

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented a Turkish-made TOGG T10X electric SUV to Kazakh President Kassym. The president of Kazakhstan expressed gratitude to his Turkish counterpart and congratulated him on the successful launch of the mass production of domestically built electric vehicles.

The premiers met on the sidelines of the 10th-anniversary summit of the Organization of Turkic States under the slogan “Turkic Century”, which was hosted in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

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Earlier, Erdogan also gifted the T10X electric SUV to the Saudi Prince, as well as Emirs of Qatar and UAE. One unit has also been delivered to Ilham Aliyev, Erdoan’s counterpart in Azerbaijan.

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TOGG T10X, Turkey’s first domestically built SUV went into production in April earlier this year. The SUV has been well received by the Turkish public with more than 2,500 units already delivered to the customers.

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With a goal to become a global leader in EVs, Togg says it will produce 1 million automobiles by 2032. This will include 5 more models that will be launched in the coming years including sedans, crossovers, and MPVs. According to the Turkish government, 97% of those vehicles will be sold to consumers, while public institutions will buy the remaining 3%.

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Turkey’s EV market has been expanding rapidly. Sales of electric vehicles increased by over 584% in the first 7 months of 2023 to 17,307 units or 3.4% of all vehicles sold in the country. The domestic brand TOGG is well-positioned to take a sizable chunk of the growing Turkish electric vehicle market.

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