Toyota Corolla was the Highest Selling Sedan in Pakistan for 4th Consecutive Month

The dream run of 11th gen Toyota Corolla in Pakistan continues in January 2022 as the aging sedan which is now in its 8th year of production in our country was able to be the highest selling sedan in the country for 4th consecutive month.

Interestingly, Indus Motor Company (IMC) has stopped disclosing individual sales of Corolla and Yaris from January 2022 and is now presenting as a combined figure just like Honda does with the Civic and City since 2014, due to diminishing sales of Yaris which has started to lose its plot against the likes of Changan Alsvin and 6th gen Honda City.

Corolla Altis X

However according to Auto Journal, the Corolla saw 3,435 units sold in January 2022, more than any other sedan sold in the market. In comparison, only 790 units of Honda Civic were sold which is probably due to the fact that Honda is already in process of collecting bookings for the new 11th gen Civic sedan, hence the low sales of existing 10th gen model which is nearing its production run. The new Civic is likely to be launched within the next couple of months.

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Toyota Corolla has been enjoying the status of being the highest selling sedan in Pakistan for over 25 years before it was dethroned by Yaris in 2020. But since October 2021, the sedan has regained its sales momentum to snatch its title back from Yaris. Currently the sales of Corolla are 64% higher than the more affordable Yaris sedan.

yaris rolla 2

This also renders the fact that Corolla technically has no rival in its price range, whereas Yaris is facing stiff competition from Honda City and Changan Alsvin. Although Pakistan is probably the only market left where the 11th generation Toyota Corolla is still being assembled, keep in mind the 12th gen model that debuted back in November 2018 is more than 3 years old already and has started to receive a facelift in global markets.

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The 11th gen Corolla is in 8th year of production in our country already and has sold more than 0.31 million units since it was introduced here in June 2014, but with soaring sales its highly unlikely that IMC will bring the new 12th gen model anytime soon.

Altis X 2

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