Toyota Creates History: Outsells GM to Become Bestselling Carmaker in USA

Japanese automaker Toyota has created history by outselling GM (General Motors) on its home turf to become the highest selling car brand in USA. This is for the first time in 90 years that GM has slumped to the second place. The decline is attributed towards production challenges caused by global semiconductor chip crisis, which hit GM hard but Toyota as reported earlier, was able to weather the chip shortage better than other automakers.

According to information, Toyota sold 2.332 million vehicles in the US through 2021, witnessing a strong 10% increase over its 2020 performance. GM was approximately 114,000 vehicles short at 2.218 million units, which is 13% less than 2.55 million vehicles it sold a year before. According to a GM spokesman:

“The semiconductor shortage, among other things, created an unprecedented set of circumstances in 2021. Even so, GM extended its lead in full-size pick-ups and SUVs. And 2022 begins with a gradually improving supply chain, and that should lead to growth in 2022 as we launch several new vehicles — including EVs and redesigned pick-ups.”

toyota president akio toyoda december 14 2021 ap

Toyota witnessed a strong 2021 in USA and was able to outpace GM by June already. Commenting to which Cox Automotive senior economist Charlie Chesbrough had said:

“They’ve kind of defied gravity the last couple of months. We’re tracking them having very weak inventories out there and yet their sales have actually held up quite well.  We’re really kind of surprised by Toyota’s strength.”

Reacting to the accomplishment, the Senior Vice President of Toyota Motor North America, Jack Hollis said the company is “grateful” for its loyal customers, but added that “being number one is never a focus or priority.” It’s neither boastful of the achievement, nor confident that it can stay at the top. Hollis also said the company has no plans to use the 2021 accomplishment for any kind of advertising.

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