Toyota Speeding Up Electrification Plans- Developing Dedicated EV Platform

Toyota is speeding up electric vehicle deployment plans, as it aims to sell 5.5 million EVs including traditional gasoline-electric hybrids, plug-in hybrids, all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2025. Nearly 1 million of them could be pure EVs.

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Toyota is also teaming up with China’s CATL, the world’s largest automotive battery maker to diversify its supply of crucial components. Toyota’s rush to accelerate its electric-vehicle plans comes amid a shift in that direction by rival automakers as well as tightening environmental regulations in major markets.

Executive Vice President & Toyota’s R&D Chief Shigeki Terashi said the company wants to unveil a solid-state battery for electrified vehicles ahead of next year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The technology, which promises lighter, more powerful and safer batteries, could be a breakthrough in popularizing electric vehicles.

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As part of the new plan, Toyota will introduce an ultra-compact, two-seat EV in Japan in 2020, having a range of 100 kilometers. It also plans to launch at least 10 battery-electric models worldwide by the early 2020s.

A New Dedicated EV Platform

Toyota is also readying a new dedicated EV platform it has developed with partners. Dubbed as e-TNGA, the platform is derived from the company’s new-generation modular platform that the automaker has been rolling out in recent years.

The EV version of the TNGA is an outgrowth of EV C.A. Spirit Corporation, a 9-company consortium led by Toyota to develop and share components for electric vehicles, with members including Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki and Daihatsu.

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The new platform will underpin 6 variations in all– a large SUV, a medium SUV, a medium crossover, a medium minivan, a medium sedan and a compact vehicle.

Earlier this week, Toyota agreed with Subaru to jointly develop an all-electric platform for midsize and large vehicles and jointly develop an electric crossover. In addition, Toyota is also working with Suzuki and Daihatsu to jointly develop a compact EV.

Toyota ZEV Factory

To better focus on EV development, Toyota has created a ZEV Factory last November. It is an in-house EV product development and business planning division with 290 people that takes technology developed by EV C.A. Spirit and tailors it to the Toyota brand.

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The idea is to not just manufacture and sell the cars, but to work with partners on wringing revenue from throughout a product’s lifetime. That includes businesses in sales, leasing, sharing, peripheral services, used car sales, battery reuse and recycling. Terashi added:

“Once those become viable, the BEV business will become viable, even if the battery price remains quite high. Unless we work on this at a very accelerated manner, we will not be able to ensure our future survival.”

From: ANE

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