United Testing a 4×4 SUV in Pakistan

United Motors, the company behind Bravo and Alpha hatchbacks is going to test their fortunes in the high-end segment of the market amid constantly declining sales of mass-market passenger cars in the country. This makes sense since expensive premium cars of late, are witnessing a decent surge in sales in Pakistan.

A white-colored SUV was recently spotted on the roads of Lahore with its emblem and name camouflaged. Though a 4×4, and a rather misaligned 2.0T emblem remained exposed on the bottom right of the tailgate.


The registration details show that the vehicle is owned by United Motors, the make of which is Dayun, and the price is around PKR 96.29 lac.

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Fortunately, CarSpiritPK ever since, has been the #1 source of information on Chinese cars in Pakistan. We were the first to break the story on United’s intentions to introduce an 800cc hatchback and went on to detail the origins of the relatively unknown hatchback at the time. Along with publishing photos of United’s CEO’s visit to the Dahe plant, we also released all the necessary information about the Bravo hatchback, which was subsequently copied by all news & motoring portals of the country. The same thing happened with Prince Pearl, Changan Alsvin, Rinco Aria, GiGi Mini EV, Omega EV, and many other Chinese cars.

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And here are the preliminary details on the upcoming United SUV, which is likely to be unveiled later this year. United, as most of you would have anticipated, will not be bringing a well-known Chinese brand to Pakistan, like Haval, Chery, or Geely. Rather it will play around the cheaper & lower-scale options from the price point of view. Hence the Dayun Y5 SUV is being tested.

Dayun Y5 001

The Dayun Y5 isn’t even a top pick for SUVs in China’s large cities but is limited to third-tier Chinese cities & rural areas. The Y5 isn’t available in any key global markets, but it does have its presence in Iran where quality & global safety standards are almost non-existent.

Dayun Y5 002

Dayun was originally a heavy-duty truck & pickup manufacturer which subsequently ventured into producing passenger cars. The Y5 truly symbolizes Dayun’s bygone era as the company has lately switched to developing premium NEVs (new energy vehicles) in China. It measures 4,771 mm long, 1,870 mm wide, and 1,828 mm tall with a 2,790 mm wheelbase. These dimensions are very much comparable to the 3rd-gen Kia Sorento we have here which is 4,760 mm, 1,890 mm wide, and 1,690 mm tall with a 2,780 mm wheelbase.

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From an aesthetic perspective, the Y5 truly resembles a car designed during the previous decade. Though not in line with the most recent styling trends, the overall appearance is still quite decent. But in relation to the size of the vehicle above it, the 17-inch wheels really look too small.

Dayun Y5 004

Inside, the ladder-frame 7-seat SUV offers decent space and a rich configuration including multi-function steering, an 8-inch central touchscreen multimedia system, Bluetooth and USB, GPS navigation, electric folding mirrors, sunroof, parking sensor, and rearview camera, auto air conditioning system with vents for rear passengers, cruise control, airbags, stability control system, rear differential lock, 6-way electric driver’s seat adjustment, and 4-way manual front passenger seat adjustment, etc.

Dayun Y5 003

Under the hood, the Dayun Y5 has a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine which produces 201 hp of power and 280 Nm of torque & comes paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. In Iran, the vehicle is also offered with a 2.0L diesel engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox option. Though the unit spotted has a 2.0T emblem on its back, it remains to be seen if United is going to offer either petrol, diesel, or both engine options in the Pakistani market.

The Y5 also sources other tech from leading names in the business. For example, the part-time 4WD drive system is sourced from BorgWarner, the rear differential lock is from Eaton, the braking system is provided by Bosch, and its gearbox is made by Aisin.

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Now the most important question is the price. The vehicle information data from the Punjab Excise department shows PKR 96.29 lac as the vehicle price, however, it is yet unknown if the vehicle will be imported & sold as CBU or will be CKD-assembled in Pakistan. This price tag looks quite unrealistic for a vehicle with a Dayun emblem on it and will put the Y5 right in the firing line of leading names including Haval H6 & Jolion, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Chery Tiggo 8, Changan Oshan X7, and even the newly introduced Toyota Corolla Cross in the aforementioned price domain.

Dayun Y5 005

How many of us will be contended spending more than Rs 9 million on a rather unfamed Chinese SUV backed by United Motors remains unknown, but if the company is planning to launch it as a locally assembled option, the price might come down a little. Still, it will be a big gamble for the company to presume it can garner a fair share of the market with such a high price tag, given that both United Bravo and Alpha, which are priced below the Rs 2.0 million category, still struggle to gain sales traction.

Even in the price league of around Rs 7 million, there are many established names in the market, so it will be really interesting to see the pricing strategy by United Motors for the Dayun Y5 SUV in Pakistan. Whether United is really serious about introducing the Dayun Y5 in Pakistan or whether the plan will be scrapped just like its Punjnad pickup, only time will tell. Stay tuned to CarSpiritPK for more information.

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