Why MPVs are More Practical for Bigger Families than Sedans?

As the time passes, the need to upgrade to a family car comes up. You may be compelled to dispose your small car to upgrade to a bigger one which can accommodate your growing family. People generally opt for a sedan as they are considered bigger than hatchbacks, however sedans, no matter how big will be able to accommodate 5 passengers only.

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Thankfully nowadays you can go for Multi-Purpose Vehicles, commonly known as MPVs, which are more suitable to bigger families. They are sort of minivans which come with a third row seating and have a bigger cabin space resulting in a more comfortable headroom and legroom for passengers. MPVs are convenient for larger families because of their significant seating capacity of up to 8 passengers, depending on the make & model. MPVs have many advantages, such as:


MPVs are practical commuters. Automakers build these cars with large, flexible cabins. These cabins are often seen as big boxes with sharp angles. Not only that a huge cabin ensures better head and leg room, it allows easy ingress and egress. And more importantly allows you to pack all sorts of stuff at the back.

Flexible Seating

Those boxy cabins allow seating that is more functional and offers greater flexibility. Most MPVs can easily seat five to up to eight passengers. Where and how those passengers sit in the vehicle can change, as well. In many MPVs, drivers can remove seats to accommodate more baggage space or even split or slide seats from one side of the car to the other.

Sturdy yet Comfortable


It may seem as though MPVs trade performance and comfort for flexibility and function, but modern MPVs are pretty enjoyable to drive. Manufacturers often base MPV models on sedans or crossovers and hence ride, performance and maneuverability are also quite similar.

Easy on the Budget

Considering the fact that MPVs can carry up to 8 passengers in a rather prestigious manner, and the price difference between sedans & MPV is pretty negligible nowadays, they have become quite affordable and easy on pocket too. Unlike SUVs with bigger fuel guzzling engines, most MPVs in our market are available with 1.5 liter fuel efficient engines, so you don’t need to worry much about the fuel consumption as well.

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The type of car that you may wish to purchase is generally based on the size of your family and your budget. If you have a family of more than 5, do consider buying an MPV instead of squeezing your family in a sedan in the name of resale.

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