Women Crashes Hyundai Out of the Dealership Window

Showrooms provide customers the best possible perspective on cars allowing buyers to experience the finesse and beauty of vehicles, under controlled lights and environment. You can even see the car from inside, touch & feel the car, and even sit on its driver’s seat so you would have a feel of being behind the wheel of your prospective vehicle. There’s only one thing you can’t do however – drive the car inside the showroom.

But this customer from Mandi, India didn’t get the memo. As caught on CCTV inside the Hyundai showroom, the customer accidentally drove a Hyundai vehicle out of the showroom through its windows. Worse, it fell from a height of 3 feet and then slammed onto other cars parked in the dealership’s parking lot. You can see the horror and helplessness of the sales staff who were just doing their job, showing the customer the reasons why they should buy the car.

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According to Financial Express, the vehicle was a Hyundai Elite i20 and was driven, in fact crashed by a lady. While car dealerships take extra precautions so customers don’t end up, well, driving through the glass window. However, if the car has an engine start/stop button or if it’s an automatic, it would be difficult to control the situation.


The damages were estimated to have reached INR 400,000 (equals PKR 787,000), including the damages on the two parked cars, the poor car itself, and the glass window of the showroom. We saw the amazement in the car sales personnel’s reaction but we can only imagine the horror on the woman’s face when the car did come to a stop.

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