Around 296,000 Customer Info Leaked Via Toyota T-Connect

Japanese automaker Toyota has found that its connected car service may have leaked customer information. Toyota said 296,019 email addresses and customer numbers of those using T-Connect, a telematics service that connects vehicles via a network, were potentially leaked. The affected customers are individuals who signed up to the service’s website using their email addresses since July 2017.

A third-party access could not be confirmed from the access history of the data server where the information was stored based on security experts’ investigation, Toyota said in a statement. However, it states that third-party access “cannot be ruled out completely.”

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Still, according to Toyota, there was no possibility that sensitive personal information of users, such as names, phone numbers, or credit card information, may have been leaked. The Japanese automaker did not confirm cases of misuse of information but warned that spamming, phishing scams, and unwanted email messages were likely to be sent to users’ email addresses.

Toyota said a contractor developing the T-Connect website accidentally uploaded parts of the source code with public settings from December 2017 to September 15 this year.

Source: Reuters

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