BYD Han & Tang Series Reached 1 Millionth Delivery Milestone

BYD, a leading Chinese automaker, accomplished in less than 30 years what others could only imagine. BYD which literally stands for ‘Build Your Dreams’ made its debut from less than 30 people in 1995 as a cell phone battery manufacturer and within just 8 years became the second largest rechargeable battery producer in the world by 2003, the same year when it decided to begin vehicle production.

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Its growth has been spectacular, especially over the past 10 years, which helped the company surpass Tesla in 2022 to become the world’s top seller of electric vehicles. Among the key models in BYD’s lineup are the Han and Tang series EVs, which according to the company recently surpassed the 1 million cumulative sales milestone. Until now, 505,062 units are sold under the Han series while 501,662 vehicles are sold under the Tang series.

BYD Han Tang 5

In January 2015, the first generation Tang DM (dual mode/ hybrid) model was launched while the Han EV sedan was introduced in July 2020. This means that in 5 fewer years, the Han has seen more success than the Tang EV. Not only this but just 1 year after its launch, the 100,000th Han rolled off the production line, making it the fastest Chinese sedan to reach this milestone.

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With its wide range of EVs, BYD is now tapping almost every market around the globe with a presence in almost every segment including hatchbacks, crossovers, sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. The Atto 3, Dolphin hatchback, and Seal sedan are currently receiving a lot of attention. One can only speculate what BYD’s next significant accomplishment will be in light of its tremendous and quick success.

BYD celebrating Han and Tang 1 millionth delivery in China

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