BYD Reveals Yangwang Brand Logo

BYD’s new premium sub-brand, Yangwang has officially unveiled its brand logo, that is inspired by the ancient Chinese inscription for “Electricity”.

The brand logo is inspired by the Chinese oracle-bone inscription for “电” roughly interpreted as electricity or power. According to the company, the zigzag shape is the original Chinese character for “electricity” and represents the technology and product line for new energy vehicles (NEVs).

Yangwang was announced by BYD in November, and according to the automaker, the high-end brand is expected to manufacture vehicles within the 800,000 yuan to 1.5 million yuan ($110,280 – $206,763) price range. BYD says the name Yangwang, which translates into “looking up” is not only a posture that reflects human beings’ instinct to be curious and thirsty for knowledge, but also embodies the spirits of courage, fearlessness, and exploration.

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BYD’s passenger car business currently consists of Dynasty Series, Ocean Series, and Denza– which is a joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz. The Yangwang brand will be the latest addition to this list that will see its formal launch in Q1, 2023.

Speculative rendering of BYD’s Yangwang R1 electric SUV

The first product in the Yangwang lineup will be the R1 electric SUV that is already seen testing under a camouflage wrap, but the speculative renderings have already surfaced the internet. Yangwang R1 will be available in PHEV and pure-electric EV guises with both 5-seat and 7-seat versions on offer.

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According to Chinese media, the Yangwang R1 is expected to be the most expensive BYD ever, with a base price to start at around 800,000 yuan ($111,000 USD/ PKR 2.49 crore).

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