Changan Develops New 1.5T Engine

Changan Automobile has successfully tested the new 1.5T engine, researched and developed in collaboration with Dongan Auto Engines. The new engine improves a lot in terms of performance, fuel consumption compared to the existing 1.5T engine.

On 2nd January, DAM15TGDI, the first turbocharged direct injection engine was ignited at the first time successfully. This new engine will now be assembled in the test vehicles for a more detailed performance test.

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This new engine boasts a number of modern features, including dual-cylinder direct injection (350bar), free switching between Atkinson and Otto cycle, integrated intermediate locking VVT, integrated water-air cooling and electronic pumps. The technology helps achieve double breakthrough in power and fuel economy, reaching the international leading fuel economy index.  Rated power of the engine is 120kW/ 5500rpm, and the maximum torque is 255Nm/ 1600-4000rpm, fully meeting the four-stage fuel consumption and state emissions laws and regulations.

In addition, this new 1.5T engine is expected to be incorporated into the new energy power system, which means Changan Automobile’s plug-in hybrid and hybrid electric vehicles are expected to use this new 1.5T engine in the future.

DAM15TGDI project was started in April 2016, and according to reports, will be ready for batch production by April 2018.

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