Changan Sold Nearly 6,000 UNI-V Sedans Within Just 3 Months in China

The all-new Changan UNI-V sedan made its debut in November 2021 and went on sale in Chinese domestic market towards the end of January 2022. UNI-V is the third model and the first sedan in Changan’s new “UNI” lineup, which is also called “Yinli” (引力) in Chinese, meaning “Gravity” in English. The previous models were the UNI-T and UNI-K crossovers.

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Due to its striking design and impressive list of features & equipment on offer, the UNI-V sedan has been well received in China with sales constantly on a rise. Within just three months of going on sale, Changan has managed to sell 5,955 units of UNI-V in China. With just 229 units in January 2022 (since it went on sale towards the end of the month), the sedan saw 2,142 units sold in February and 3,584 units in March 2022, which means 67% more sales (deliveries) than preceding month.

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Changan says the UNI-V is devoted to create a new experience with users for a better life in the future. Furthermore, the UNI-V boasts an array of tech features such as smart cockpit that has infrared cameras placed above the steering wheel and in the interior rear-view mirror respectively, allowing users to automatically log into the car’s ecological app via their FACE ID super account and switch to exclusive vehicle settings, automatically swiping their face when they get into the car and setting up their exclusive settings in one step.

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Plus it continues the UNI family’s pioneering AI active service, which always has insight into users’ needs and actively provides them with exclusive greetings in the car, sight lighting, fatigue driving reminders, answering calls to lower the multimedia volume, etc. Users can also switch music and navigate home through gesture recognition, etc. In addition, through the button or voice control, users can take photos and record videos in the car, so that they can easily keep the beautiful moments captured. In the future, UNI-V users can upgrade and iterate the car’s functions and performance online via OTA updates.

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Measuring 4,680 mm long (even longer than the 11th gen Honda Civic– 4,674 mm), 1,838 mm wide and 1,430mm tall with a 2,750mm wheelbase (11th gen Honda Civic– 2,736 mm), the Changan UNI-V gets powered by a 1.5L turbocharged engine that produces 188hp of power and 300Nm of torque and comes paired to a 7-speed DCT gearbox. Price ranges between 116,900 yuan (PKR 33.47 lac) to 123,900 yuan (PKR 35.47 lac).

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