Dark Tints in UAE will Result in Dh10,000 Penalty

Dark-tinted windows will not only result in a fine under the UAE’s Federal Traffic Law, but they may also result in the vehicle being impounded in certain cases.

The maximum level of tinting on car windows permitted by UAE Traffic Law is 50%. According to the Federal Traffic Law, the fine for having the car’s windows tinted beyond the allowed limit is Dh1,500.

In a recent advisory, Police also warned motorists that it is illegal to tint any part of the vehicle’s windscreen, or to install a heat insulator or anything else that would obstruct the driver’s vision while driving on the road.

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Dubai’s traffic law was also recently changed, adding stricter penalties for traffic violations and the impoundment of vehicles. According to the new traffic regulations outlined in Decree No. 30 of 2023, a car will be impounded if it is found to have excessively tinted windows or a windscreen that has been tinted without a permit.

Vehicle release requires a payment of Dh10,000. And that converts into a whopping PKR 8.07 lac.

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