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Dewan Launches the New 2018 Shehzore Pickup

Dewan has stepped back into the vehicle production with the launch of Shehzore 1-ton pickup today. The launch ceremony was held at the Mohatta Palace Museum Karachi.

The Shehzore was a very popular commercial vehicle in its class during the previous decade, it was actually the third generation of Hyundai Porter (also known as H100) which was produced internationally between 1996-2004. The current Shehzore model is the fourth generation Porter, although a Daehan product, it carries the same Hyundai engine and is a much identical product to the Hyundai H100.

Powered by a 2.6 liter diesel engine the new Shehzore is well equipped too, as it comes with stereo, air-conditioning, power steering as well as power windows. Official prices are yet to be announced but it’s expected to be around PKR 18.0 lac.

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Dewan had received approval under the Brownfield Category from Engineering Development Board (EDB). The company also plans to roll out passenger cars and a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) after the re-launch of Shehzore. Dewan Motors is returning to the scene with a manufacturing agreement with Daehan-Dewan Motor Company Private Limited – a joint venture between Yousuf Dewan and Laos-based Kolao Group.

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