Dubai Showcases Car That Detects Violations by Riders of Delivery Motorbikes

As part of its participation in the GITEX 2023 tech show, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) unveiled sophisticated technology powered by artificial intelligence to monitor and assess the performance of delivery bike riders operating in Dubai.

Through the initiative, RTA seeks to increase the safety of both delivery bike riders and fellow road users in Dubai. In collaboration with the private sector, RTA launched an initiative that harnesses cutting-edge technology to track instances of potential violations by delivery bike riders. To realize this initiative, RTA has deployed a specialized vehicle equipped with AI-driven cameras.


RTA embarked on this initiative in the second quarter of this year. Field teams conducted inspections on 608 delivery bikes and reported 63 instances that warranted violations. These violations encompassed non-compliance with the unified uniform, absence of side stickers, lack of phosphorescent stickers, unauthorized parking in prohibited zones, carrying a passenger behind the driver, and damage to the delivery bike’s trunk.

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Thanks to the AI-assisted operations, RTA managed to reduce the inspection time from 7.5 minutes to one minute and increase the daily inspections by five times, by using the AI-equipped vehicle and smart cameras. This was made possible due to the deployment of these vehicles on various streets across the emirate, and the use of a heat map to detect the assembly points of riders, besides classifying the danger of those areas based on reported cases.


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