GWM’s Massive Haval H5 SUV Enters Production in China

The new Haval H5 full-size body-on-frame off-road SUV from Great Wall Motors (GWM) has entered mass production in China. The SUV made waves on the internet when the company released its official photos last month as auto enthusiasts tipped it as a Toyota Land Cruiser rival.

The production of the Haval H5 SUV commenced at GWM’s plant in Jingmen, Hubei province. By displaying the Haval H5 as the “0000001” vehicle on the assembly line during the ceremony marking the start of production, GWM highlighted their goals for the H5’s production volume, hinting to generate at least 1 million H5 units.

Haval H5 production kicked off in China

These vehicles are currently in more demand in China. However, the majority of customers prefer to purchase PHEVs, whilst the H5 now only offers petrol-powered powertrains. It is speculated that most of these H5 units will be headed to export destinations including South America, the Middle East, Russia, and other markets perhaps ringing an alarm for the Land Cruiser, who knows? As we already discussed, large SUVs from China will pose a threat to the likes of Toyota Land Cruiser which is battling with a high-demand and pipetting output volume.

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Coming back to the Haval H5, it is a full-size body-on-frame SUV that spans 5,190/1,905/1,835 mm and has a wheelbase of 3,140 mm. It is also the biggest Haval SUV ever. For the sake of comparison, the Toyota Land Cruiser J300 is up to 5,015 mm long, 1,980mm wide, and 1,940mm tall which means that while the Haval H5 is longer than J300, the latter is marginally wider and stands taller. But LC’s 2,850 mm wheelbase is shorter than Haval H5’s generous 3,140mm.

GWM Haval H5

Regarding the H5’s powerplant, there are two choices. The first has a 2.0L petrol engine with 218 horsepower while the second engine is a 2.0L diesel with 166 hp. They employ either a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The Haval H5 has a torque-on-demand all-wheel-drive system for its mode of propulsion.

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More details are yet to be officially released. The new Haval H5 will hit the Chinese market in Q4 this year with prices ranging around 100,000 – 150,000 yuan ($14,000 – $21,000 USD).

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