Hyundai RN22e Crashes at Goodwood

The Hyundai RN22e concept car crashed heavily on the opening day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, kicking off the festival with a bang. The driver lost control while making a tricky left curve, sending the one-of-one concept off track and into an accumulation of hay bales. Thankfully, there were no injuries associated with this incident.

During one of the day’s first runs, the RN22e was climbing the slope. However, it soon became clear that the driver had made a mistake when approaching the iconic tight left turn, sending the car straight into an expanse of hay.


It was hard to see how many people were inside the car because of the heavily tinted windows, but it seemed like there were two. The driver exited the car shortly after the collision and appeared uninjured. Later, another individual was seen also donning a helmet and a Hyundai racing outfit.

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The RN22e concept has a dual-electric motor all-wheel drive system that produces a combined power output of 430 kW and 740 Nm. The concept car is said to have a speed excessing more than 250 km/h.

hyundai goodwood crash 1

There is no official word from Hyundai regarding the incident as of yet, thus it is unclear whether the car will be fixed or completely rebuilt. Interestingly, the crash happened almost exactly a year after the RN22e concept was introduced.

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