Imagining a Mitsubishi Luxury Sedan Today

Mitsubishi may be known to today’s generation as a minor member of the Renault-Nissan alliance that produces small vehicles and a few crossovers that are only available in a few markets, that too in a very limited number. However, people belonging to our age— Generation X to be precise, and even the Millennials, are acquainted with a whole different breed of Mitsubishi vehicles. Cars that elevated pulses and provided an unrivaled driving and ownership experience.

That’s perhaps why digital artists often come up with hypothetical renditions of Mitsubishi vehicles, envisioning what it might be like if the once-celebrated Japanese carmaker was still producing high-quality sedans, SUVs, and performance vehicles.

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The latest example was recently showcased by the guys at who tried to reimagine the Mitsubishi Proudia, a large rear-wheel-driven luxury sedan that was produced in the Japanese market only. Although the first generation Proudia was produced between 1999 and 2001 while the second generation model was produced between 2012 and 2016, the artist used the latest Nissan Sylphy as a base to produce these renderings.


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The Proudia is seen in a fresh perspective in these renderings featuring a large flat hood, albeit with a short front overhang, the signature Dynamic Shield fascia up front, and sharp multi-tier LED headlights. Towards the sides, the artist has replaced Sylphy’s traditional door handles with flushed ones to give it a more modern look. Plus there are chrome surrounds along the windows and intricately designed alloy wheels.


The rear end features slim boomerang-styled LED lights and a large trunk lid giving homage to the first-generation Proudia. A blacked-out diffuser element with a horizontally etched pattern is part of the rear bumper, which visually enhances the width of the car.

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If you take a look, depending on the region, you may conclude that Mitsubishi’s current lineup is merely a shell of what it used to be. But renderings like these offer us optimism that in the future, we just might see high-quality Mitsubishi sedans leaving the factory premises.


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