Redesigned Mitsubishi Evo XI Serves as a Reminder of the Potential

It’s been more than 7 years since the Mitsubishi Evo X was discontinued, but the road-going sports car with rallying DNA still lives in the hearts of motoring enthusiasts & designers around the world. A legend in its own right, this all-wheel drive beast has outperformed every rival it has seen on the racetrack and the drag strip.

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Although the Mitsubishi Evo XI is unlikely to materialize, we can still catch a peek at what might have been. Thanks to Kelsonik‘s innovative perspective that provides us with a glimpse into the future of what the Evo XI could have been. The renderings of the Evo XI exceed expectations, blending ferocity with grace in a seamless display of automotive aesthetics that the model became known with.

mitsubishi lancer evo render front 768x461

Every minute element of the artwork has been meticulously sculpted with love, displaying a harmonic combination of sleek aerodynamics. The aggressive shied, which is embodied in the front fascia’s slim LED headlamps, attracts attention and is nicely complimented by a large air intake. The distinctive dual-vented bonnet honors the first Lancer Evo that competed in the World Rally Championships, and the front bumper features a substantial front splitter.

mitsubishi lancer evolution rear1 768x461

The Evo XI embraces its low-slung stance and has striking side skirts that hug the body, highlighting its sporting heritage. The enormous wing placed atop the boot lid, a real testament to the Lancer Evo history, should not be overlooked as the pièce de résistance. The look is completed by the race-ready alloy wheels and the wider rear fenders, which provide a touch of visual charm.

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This all culminates in what JDM enthusiasts wished would have happened after the model was discontinued in 2016. Knowing the direction the automotive industry is headed, if the icon were to get a relaunch, it would probably happen as an electric vehicle (EV), which would cause concerns among many enthusiasts.

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