MG Begins Construction of EV Battery Plant in Thailand

In response to the electric vehicle trend, SAIC Motor-CP and MG Sales (Thailand), Thailand’s manufacturer and distributor of MG cars, organize a foundation stone laying ceremony for the NEW ENERGY INDUSTRIAL with a roadmap to transform the 75-rai (approx 30 acres) factory space into partnership development areas for car parts and a battery manufacturing plant.

SAIC Motor-CP was founded to manufacture and distribute MG vehicles in Thailand and other ASEAN nations. With a 500 million baht investment budget, the strategy underlines the company’s aim as Thailand’s pioneer and leader in electric vehicles. The factory is located in the WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 2 (WHA ESIE 2) in Chonburi. The manufacturing plant, which spans over 437.5 rais (173 acres), has a maximum production capacity of 100,000 units per year.

MG New Energy Park Groundbreaking Ceremony Picture 5

Currently, over 300 rai (118 acres) of the entire area is used as the General Assembly Shop, the Paint Shop, and the Body Shop, with robotic-assisted production technology to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality control, as well as to ensure safety throughout the manufacturing process. The eco-friendly technology also minimizes energy consumption and emissions. In addition to manufacturing, the region serves as a storehouse for spare parts for all MG vehicles.

MG New Energy Park Groundbreaking Ceremony Picture 1

75 (approx 30 acres) of the remaining 137.5 rai (approx 55 acres) will be further developed and converted into the NEW ENERGY INDUSTRIAL in the future for the production of electric automobiles.

MG New Energy Park Groundbreaking Ceremony Picture 2

The area will include a plant for making battery modules, a line for making MG electric cars, and a space for the joint development of MG car parts. To increase capacity and save logistics-related expenses, there will also be a container storage space and a new logistics warehouse. Commenting during the ceremony, where the new MG4 EV was also put on display, Zhao Feng, President of SAIC Motor-CP, said:

“The main goal of China’s BELT & ROAD Initiative is to create a strategic collaboration for economic development between China and other countries alongside stipulating policies in support of the development of large-sized projects. Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) has become one of the country’s significant industrial area development projects with the objective to bring Thailand’s industry to the international level.”

MG New Energy Park Groundbreaking Ceremony Picture 4

With more than 180,000 MG vehicles already on Thai roads, MG has established itself as one of the top choices among Thai buyers.

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In recent years, MG, Thailand’s pioneer & leader in electric vehicles, has followed the country’s economic development strategy under the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Model. The BCG economic model for sustainable development is a new economic theory that integrates the development of three key pillars: the bio-economy, the circular economy, and the green economy. It is a national framework for the years 2021 to 2026 as mandated by the Thai government.

mg4 electric thai 01

MG has developed into an EV brand that sees the greatest ownership volume and offers the best variety of EV goods in the country’s EV market in order to advance Thailand’s automotive industry to the international level and adhere to the national EV industry strategy. The Chinese automaker currently offers EP, ES, ZS EV, and the new MG4 as pure electric vehicles in the Thai market.

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